Your Brain Is Constantly Humming... 



You have a myriad of hopes, dreams, responsibilities and passions

But wouldn't it be nice to not be so spread out all the time? To live and create with intention?

You need SLOW!

What is slow? Slow is a conscious choice, local, artisanal, anti-mass market, seasonal, clean and healthy.

Slow encourages relationships, simple pleasures, and living life unhurried.




Hi! I'm Cyndi Lewis...

I am Fox & Glove's resident creative: dreamer, flower farmer, and dabbling herbalist.

I'm also a wife, homeschooling mom and follower of Jesus.

I am always amazed by the beauty God has created and the marvelous gifts He has given us in nature and I am excited to get to share them with you!

I experience simple pleasures every day and want to invite you to do the same.

As our gardens grow, so can you. Bring your questions and ideas.

We love to pass on our experiences.

Come take the journey with us and travel the path to enrichment.

Come join around our table. Nourish your body and soul. We would love to help and inspire you to create your best life now.

Stop & Smell The Roses!

Yes! Seriously! Literally!  Flowers are a simple pleasure: For the everyday moments of life, as well as the celebrations that bring families and friends together.

You can use Fox & Glove blooms and bouquets to brighten our rooms and events, fill your spaces with natural fragrance and bring out smiles on your loved one's faces.

There is such joy in the act of creating a simple floral arrangement in your favorite vase or gifting a hind-tied bouquet to a friend.


The  Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home!

What!? Another Cliche? Yup... because it's true. No one ever said that about the drive-thru!

Use Your kitchen for another playground for creativity and as an expression of love. Create nourishing recipes, and experiment with new ingredients grown right here on the farmstead.

Ditch the iceberg lettuce, bitter carrots, and tasteless tomatoes in favor of greens with flavor and veggies that are as colorful as they are sweet or spicy. Allow your inner foodie to be unleashed as you savor kitchen time!

Let Nature Be Your Medicine!

God is the original creator. He gave us everything we need when He created Eden. And, let's face it, the garden has a whole lot more beauty than the aisle of a drug store. There is an entire world of creation at your fingertips.

Journey to wellness and nurture your loved ones with a healing pot of herbal bone broth, steep a perfect up of lavender tea, or pamper your skin with gentle beauty products that you created from scratch. I can show you how!

It's how life was meant to be!


4340 20th St., Dorr, MI 49323

(Between 144th and 142nd Avenues)

We are tucked into the farmland in the growing community of Dorr, just inside the northern Allegan county line.

Our property is equal distance form Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and the Lake Michigan shoreline, making your journey here simple and easy!


Weather  & special events permitting (Check our Facebook Page before heading out!)

  • Tuesday: 10am - 1pm
  • Wednesday: 10am -1pm
  • Thursday: 5pm- 8pm
  • Friday: 10am - 1pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 2pm
  • Closed: Sundays & Mondays

These times don't work for you? Contact me at to set up an appointment.

Handy Tips:

  • Our hours are subject to change in inclement weather! Please check our Facebook page before heading out!
  • Park off road, angle in, along the front fence line.
  • Currently cash and check only.
  • No public bathroom available.
  • We adore children but want to keep them safe. Please keep them with you. We are a working farm and not all areas are child friendly even though they look like an ideal play place.

Meet Your Farmers...

Farmer John: Veggie Guy, Mechanic, Tinkerer, Builder, Muscle

Farmher Cyndi: Flowers, Herbs, Design, Business and Marketing

The Girls: Watering, Weeding, and Chicken Whispering Extraordinaires

The Boy: Photography, Video, Tech Assistance and Muscle

Fox & Glove Farmstead Manifesto: 

Fox and Glove Farmstead exists to provide abundance to our local community and beyond.

Our passions are slow flowers, slow food, and slow herbs; all of which offer health, beauty, and healing to body, soul, and earth.

Our farmstead offers a place to slow down: a place to be enriched, nourished, and inspired.

It is a place of bounty, creativity and beauty to be shared.

  • Our flowers, food and herbs are fresh, clean and seasonably local! No chemicals, no GMO's! They are harvested daily, not shipped in from some faraway place.
  • Stewardship is our God-given responsibility! We choose to leave our little piece of Earth better than when we came.
  • We grow for you! Quality, taste, nutrition and variety are our priorities.
  • Pay it forward! As we are blessed, so should we bless others.

Eden...wasn’t just a beautiful place to grow food, it was a home, a place to live. A place where man walked with God, worked, and spent time with his family.
— Noah Sanders