If creating haven in your home is your thing then you have to add fresh flowers to the mix! Flowers are the ultimate accessory! Quick and easy to change up, flowers bring all the feels to any room or to any person.

Check out our flower bar for individual stems to create your own one of a kind bouquet or grab and go with one of our pre-made arrangements.

I often get asked what kind of flowers I grow. My answer: I grow beautiful, local, seasonal flowers that you can’t find in the grocery store or even at a lot of local florist shops. You just need to come and see. What’s available is always changing and you may just leave with a new favorite flower.

I am always available to help you choose colors and types of flowers, help you assemble a bouquet or enlighten you in Flower Speak (the messages that different flowers convey) so that you go home with something special that feeds your soul.

I can’t wait to share my bounty with you!


Maple syrup is one of my number one choices for natural sweeteners. If you’re a lover of this sweet nectar, or only familiar with grocery store varieties, you need to try our craft, wood-fired maple syrup. Perfect not only for breakfast but also for savory dishes and baking. Made start to finish right here on the farm. Get yours today before we sell out. Once it’s gone there’s no more until next season!

Wood-Fired Maple Syrup
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Sweet Summer Maple Lemonade: (Makes 7 Cups)

  • 5 cups water

  • 1 1/4 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (5 or 6 lemons)

  • 1/2 cup Fox & Glove Maple Syrup

  • Mint sprigs for garnish

  • Combine ingredients, add ice, stir and serve


If you, or anyone in your family, has ever had a cold or the flu, you know it’s not fun. Especially if you’re a momma. It’s hard to see your littles feeling terrible and not be able to do anything about it.

A favorite go to in times like these, for me, is elderberry syrup. It’s a great immune system supporter. Traditionally elderberries have been used for strengthing the immune system and shortening the duration of sicknesses.

It can be taken as a daily tonic (1 Tbsp./day) or used when you feel a cold or flu coming on. (2 to 3 Tbsp./day for 2 or 3 days.)

Available Seasonally October - April

1/2 Pint Jar (8oz) - $15

Elderberry Syrup
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There is no comparing the taste and quality of farm fresh eggs! Our hens lay eggs rich in flavor and high in nutrition. Crack one open and notice the deep, golden-orange of the yolk and the thickness of the white. Add these in your baked goods, savory dishes or simply fry them up in a pan for some of the tastiest creations you have ever had come out of your kitchen. You are never going to be satisfied with a store-bought egg again.

1 Dozen Eggs - $5 (On farm purchase and pick up only)

Better Than Arches Breakfast Sandwich: (One Sandwich)

  • One or two Fox & Glove eggs

  • 2 Tbsp. butter

  • Salt and pepper

  • Sharp cheddar cheese slices

  • One or two pieces of buttered toast

  • Bacon (optional)

  • Melt butter in a heated skillet and fry eggs to your liking, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper (We like ours over-easy.)

  • Toast bread slices to desired darkness, butter and add cheese slices and freshly cooked bacon (if desired)

  • Top with eggs and enjoy

During harvest seasons I send out weekly updates on availability.




We are currently developing a class schedule of exciting learning opportunities here, in our home, at the farmstead.

Beyond Local:

We are hoping to expand our in-person classes into online versions for those of you beyond West Michigan as well as working on products for an online store so everyone can share in our homestead abundance. Stay tuned!

The foxglove, with its stately bells of purple, shall adorn thy dells.
— David Macbeth Moir